Special Needs Care

Special Needs Home Care

We know that parenting a child with special needs brings its own set of challenges.  Let Care with Care help you set up your ecosystem of care support.

Quality Care from Professional Caregivers:

Our caregivers are skilled providers with Bachelors Degrees in Nursing, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  They have been trained to provide quality health care and will provide personalized Special Needs Care to your child.

Personalized Care Plan:

Our staff members have extensive experience in securing and implementing quality care for special needs children and adults.  Let Care with Care help to develop a personalized care plan for your family that will allow your family to live better.

Enjoy the Community:

Not only will our caregivers ensure that your special needs child gets out to participate in and enjoy the community, but we will connect you to other families and providers in this ecosystem to help you get the information and support you need.

You can count on our caregivers to give you the extra set of hands you need and to give your loved one the support they need to thrive.

Care with Care Canada special needs caregivers are skilled in providing the type of care your loved ones need.  From nursing care to occupational therapy, our caregivers can step in and assist you.

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